Laurene's European Adventure 2006/2007 travel blog

We packed up all of our stuff and headed up to Nurnberg. We had to drive on the Autobahn to get there. Wow, scariest road ever in my entire life. Luckily there was no snow or ice in Germany. I looked over at one point and Kerstin is driving 160 km/hr and people are flying past us. Then I get distracted by the countryside and when I look back she is now driving 180 km/hr. I was holding onto the door handle really tightly. There is one part of the autobahn where you have to drive 100 km/hr since there was so many accidents at this one spot. It's weird to drive on a highway where you can drive as fast as you want.

We got to her house which is right next to a huge forest. It's an old house and her brother Sven lives in the first floor and they live on the top floor. We had coffee with Sven who is the same age as me and speaks pretty good english. We had some lunch and then waited for Jonas to show up after work.

After dinner we drove over to a friend of Jonas' for a birthday party. They were all Germans. Jonas taugh me to say Happy Birthday in German so I could say it to the birthday boy. Ales Gunteh zum Gaputstag...not that easy to say for me!!! But I got it out. The party was fun but I couldn't understand what anyone was saying. At one point I felt like I was on another planet listening to giberish talking aliens haha.

A couple of the guys tried really hard to talk to me with very broken english. It was cute that they tried. They all had questions about Canada. It was fun.

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