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This is a good example: pretty gate but what's on its left?

The bus ride from Rissani would have been perfect except it arrived earlier than we thought - at 4:00 am to be exact. It was still dark so we sat in the bus station until 6:00 am when we walked towards the medina to search out our next budget hotel. At that hour it was nice and cool out, but that would soon change. Of course, it was too early to check in anywhere, and the places we looked at were all pretty nasty looking, much nastier than the comparably priced places in the other towns we had been. We killed time walking around the medina, eating crepes (the one Moroccan food we never tired of) and walking around some more. At one point near the most famous site in Meknes, a huge gate to the old city with the usual very nice tile work, etc., we saw a tour bus pull up, unload 50 package tourists, who furiously snapped pictures of the gate before they got back into the bus before the bubble of air conditioning evaporated from their skin. I could see how people would like the city from that vantage point. From ours, we were dirty and hot and had to dodge traffic and walk through garbage to get to that gate, so we were less than excited. By 10:00 am with the heat already raging we broke down and decided to ditch the cheap hotel for a chain hotel with air conditioning, TV and a pool. Charlie was still feeling the effects of what we assumed was heat stroke type thing , so it was medically necessary  So was the lunch we had at McDonald's because if I saw another tagine or couscous I thought I would hurl. We got our money's worth out of that hotel because we basically spent 26 hours in airconditioned comfort watching CNN and BBC World (the only non-French or Non-arabic channels on offer). We had to catch up on our news, anyway. [I take full responsibility for this day off from Morocco. By 10 AM it was 85 degrees again and the light headedness from the day before started to come back. I thought of all the long lasting running injuries that I could have prevented with an early day off from running and decided to do the same for my body's termo regulatory system. I think it was smart because later when we looked at a thermometer that was standing out in a lot under the sun it said 45 degrees Centigrade, just as hot as the day before if not hotter- Charlie]

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