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Jasmine, waiting for the Polar Express to pull out...

Our son Larry & his family went to ride the 'Polar Express'...

And if you know the 'Polar Express' story, Levi loved his bell!

Mrs Claus was there too!

I love this pic of Tawnia & Levi!

Wonder what she's asking him? Love the hand on Santa's shoulder :)

Sending her 'requests' in writing. Perhaps just to be sure he gets...

Fun in the snow...Hang on tight!

Out of the mouths of babes. My granddaughter got me this time! About a year ago Jasmine decided that Aunt Bonnie should be called 'Little Grandma' while Larry & I were gone. Mind you, she was 3 at the time. When we returned, I became 'Big Grandma'. Not my favorite title for sure! So, when we returned to Vegas a few days ago I told her we needed to have a little talk. I assured her that 'Little Grandma' loved her name but pointed out that I wasn't too crazy about mine. So, I very politely asked her to please "just call me plain old grandma". She gave me a puzzled look, said "are you sure", I said yes, I'm positive. She gave a little shrug & said "ok". A few minutes later, at dinner, she casually asked, "could I please have a drink PLAIN OLD GRANDMA"!!! Moral of the story, watch out what you ask for! Right? LOL I think I prefer Big Grandma~

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