Praying for the pass and getting set up for the karaoke &...

The back of her shirt tells what it was all about..:-)

Wonderful entertainment...


Bob, he is the one who taught us how to filet our...

Warren working on the chili dogs..

Kathy, Gail and Jerry singing...

Another one.. :-)

The North Carolina boys...:-)

Gail & Warren..



Warren & Pam's beautiful home, the only one left standing after Ike...



Last one!

We had a wonderful time today at Rollover Pass. The Gilchrist Community Association hosted a fund raising event with free hot dogs and entertainment. We enjoyed awesome North Carolina chili dogs prepared by our new friend Warren. Warren and Pam’s beautiful home was the only one standing in Gilchrist after hurricane Ike. We also learned Warren was born in the same town as Jerry and even in the same hospital. Talk about a small world. :-)

Warren and Pam also own the Fantasea BBQ Restaurant & Grill. They specialize in North Carolina style barbeque. We can’t wait to try it, North Carolina makes the BEST barbeque, no one else makes it the same.

After the cookout Jerry took the stage and did several songs with the karaoke gang. He performed like a pro, I was so proud of him. He is a very talented singer, he has the ability to sing like anyone’s voice he hears. He sang one Elvis song and sounded just like Elvis, then a couple of Meryl Haggard songs and one by Dean Martin. The karaoke was all “oldies” and he knew most of the songs they had.

We also enjoyed songs done by Leon, Warren, Gail and Kathy. Everyone did a great job and had a blast. I took a ton of pictures of our new friends and even some of their dogs. :-) I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

We have met so many wonderful people in this area, we are going to miss all our Texas friends when we leave. Check back later for more from Texas.

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