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We headed out once again through the rolling countryside towards Chaumont. We stopped at the small village of Colombey-les-Deux-Eglises. This is the village of the family home of General Charles de Gaulle and where he is buried. Just above the village and dominating the surrounding countryside is the Cross of Lorraine, symbol of the French Resistance movement. It was not an inspiring symbol. Below it stood the new Memorial Charles de Gaulle Museum which we didn’t visit and the only way to view the cross was through the museum so we continued on our journey to Chaumont.

The main reason in visiting Chaumont was to see the very impressive mid-19th century viaduct, which took an average of 2,500 labourers working day and night for two years to construct. There were various viewpoints and a walkway across the viaduct giving views across the Suize valley. At the far end of the walkway Heather made a hasty retreat after spotting a large snake ahead (She hates snakes).

After admiring the viaduct, we headed into the small town which was quite pleasant to wander around and had an added interest of a rally of vintage cars around the main square. There was also a good view from the old town ramparts

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