Jerry tossing the net for bait...

Jared tossing the net..

Another great toss...

Jerry did catch some extra fishing leads too..:-)

We tried Rollover Pass first..

Our next fishing stop was Bolivar Flats..

I had a great time birding in the area at least..:-)

Jerry's crab, we released him after the picture was taken..

One more bird picture...

Last one...we had great steaks at the Tiki Restaurant..

Our day of fishing was not as successful as we wished. It rained all night last night and a cold front came in, this made the water very cloudy and not great for fishing. Little Jerry is today’s winner, he caught a tiny bait croaker and one stone crab. We enjoyed watching Little Jerry and Jared toss the net for shrimp and bait too. I managed to catch a few of the nets open after quite a few tries with the camera.

We started the fishing at Rollover Pass on the bay side and then decided to drive to Bolivar Flats and see if the fishing might be better there. This is where little Jerry caught the crab, still no fish. I did see a new bird in the area bringing my birding list up to 325. I still have more states to add to these. After all the fishing we went to the Tiki Restaurant, we had the best steaks we have had in a long time. They were on special too, great food and a great deal.

We will be continuing our movie marathon for the rest of the night. Check back later for more from Texas.

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