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Xmas tree decorations outside Star Lake Mall.

Xmas tree decorations outside Star Lake Mall.

Xmas tree decorations outside Star Lake Mall.

Everyone is taking photos of the Xmas tree, and their kids!

Decorations outside a restaurant in the shopping centre.

Beautiful artworks.

A poor little doggie all dressed for a day out!!

A poor little doggie all dressed for a day out!!

A steak restaurant, which says it has imported Australian beef!

Figures, probably collectibles, in a shop window.

Figures, probably collectibles, in a shop window.

These models look like Lego, but a local brand.

They are very enticing, but I will resist.

This is a huge kit of blocks, and not at all expensive....

This is a huge kit of blocks, and not at all expensive....

This is a huge kit of blocks, and not at all expensive.

Today, I headed in to town in the afternoon, kind of sick of hanging about in the apartment. I was going to meet Melrose later, but decided to spend some time wandering about.

On the way to the bus stop, I saw a man ahead of me, walking a little dog. I was not close enough for a photo, disappointingly, but the dog was dressed in a lemon yellow jacket, complete with fur edging, and four little shoes!! Poor thing, it must be likely to have an identity crisis, I think!

I went in on a bus, and first stop was to Starbucks, where I had a nice snack for a late lunch. It was a Mexican turkey roll-up. Not very rolled up, but heated in an oven, so the edges of the bread were all crispy. Very tasty, and just enough for now. I've never seen this one before, but I'll be looking out for it in the future.

The decorations in front of Star Lake Mall are complete now, and there are a lot of families gathering around taking photos of their kids in front of the silver Xmas tree!

When Melrose arrived in town, we went for a wander around, and ended up going to Walmart. I had crocheted a beanie for little Andy, and wanted to get a toy for him, and Walmart was likely to be the best option.

It must be the season for dog clothes, as when we were entering the supermarket, there were a couple, with their very well dressed doggie, who was in the shopping trolley! These dogs are certainly not just dogs, they are treated like pampered children!! The dog's Daddy was happy for me to get photos of his darling.

I found a package with ten little cars in, for little Andy, so he should be happy with that, I hope. And Melrose found a nice pair of fluffy slippers for herself, for only 10rmb! Bargain.

We were looking for somewhere for dinner, and walked around the shopping mall. We found a steak place, which claims to serve Australian steak, but it was very expensive, and probably not at all like I would prefer.

But we did find another place, that had a set menu special deal for weekdays, so we decided to go back tomorrow, and see what it was like. The total deal was only 39rmb, just under $8, so it should be all right. Worth a try.

We were looking at a couple of toy shops, and another place that was selling what appears to be collectible figurines. There were some amazing looking characters, but unless you know the Chinese TV and/or comic book culture, you would not know who these were depicting.

The shop that really appealed to me had a display in the window of traditional looking Chinese buildings. They seemed to be made from blocks that looked a bit like Lego. So I went into the shop to make enquiries. There were a lot of different sized packs, of blocks that made up into real Chinese buildings and characters. The girl in the shop insisted that the blocks were interchangeable with Lego. The biggest box was very tempting, but I decided to leave it there.

We were still looking for somewhere to eat, and ended back at Starbucks. Sadly, they had no more of the turkey roll-up like I'd had earlier, but we did find a nice looking croissant and found a corner to sit in, where it was peaceful and quiet.

It was great to have not only something to eat, but an opportunity to sit and chat for an extended period.

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