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Our lovely meal at Rathauskeller!

The abbey from the village

In the courtyard of the abbey

The church within the grounds

The beautiful roof paintings

Our posh river cruise

One of the many cute villages on the Riverside

Our last hostel

As we had a couple of days to kill before arriving in Vienna we decided to stop by a tiny village of 5,000 inhabitants called Melk and we were really glad that we did. Melk only has one major attraction, the 11th century Benedictine Melk Abbey. The abbey itself is enormous and literally towers over the entire village.

Our hotel for the night sat almost under the abbey itself and was hosted by a wonderful couple who were very friendly. The hotel was a throwback to a bygone era and it added to the quaintness of the village itself. Given there were only a handful of restaurants and none cheap by our standards we decided to push the boat out and go for a proper meal. We chose a nice Austrian restaurant and had some very traditional Austrian food... Meat and more meat... Schnitzel and beef dumplings... They were both absolutely beautiful and we also washed them down with a lovely beer brewed at the restaurant.

In the morning we headed to the Abbey and first took a stroll round the lovely gardens. We then climbed up the bastion for a panoramic view of the abbey before heading in for a guided tour. The abbey still has a school with over 900 pupils being taught there, it has over 1,400 windows and a very extensive library collection. We were also able to visit some of the rooms where senior leaders have been hosted for more than 1000 years including many kings and queens of Austria. At the end of the tour we were able to visit the church within the grounds which was beautifully crafted with golds and silvers.

After our tour to the abbey we took a river cruise down the Danube River which stretches for more than 2,800km. Our journey however was only a tiny stretch of that, from Melk to another small village called Krems. It seemed that our boat was slightly posher than we bargained for with a beautiful modern wooden interior and lunch tables set up for a rather fine dining experience. It was only slightly embarrassing when we got out our salad pot purchased from Aldi and proceeded to eat it instead of the rather more expensive food. This managed to gain a rather scouring look from our waitress but didn't stop us from finishing this before deciding on a wonderful piece of Sachatorte cake.

The journey, whilst wet was absolutely beautiful with great church steeples surrounded by tiny villages along the river banks.

Journey over and it was time to head to Vienna by train for our final night in a hostel before our travels end early next week. The hostel itself was great with a lovely bar downstairs and a good atmosphere. Our room was equally nice with only four beds and an ensuite! Unfortunately we weren't so lucky with one of our roommates which decided to come in rather late in the evening and then talk about a load of rubbish for the next hour, depriving us of much needed sleep. None the less it was an awesome day, we just can't believe that we have now arrived in the last destination on what has been an unbelievable six months.

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