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Heading out we were again in farming territory. The land was becoming a bit flatter. Lush green fields were interspersed with the dry brown ones. We counted 21 Pronghorn Antelope feasting in a newly mowed hay field. Besides hay we now were seeing fields of sunflowers and sorghum. These gave way to corn and soybeans. Many of the corn fields held thin stalks only 2-4 ft. high with very small ears attached. About 5:30 we entered the Central Time Zone, getting closer to home. At the Lewis & Clark Visitors Center along the Missouri River near Chamberlain, SD, we saw the statue of “Dignity”. The statue is placed on a beautiful bluff near the Missouri. The stainless steel statue depicts a Native American woman draped in a star quilt. The sculpture stands as an enduring symbol of the shared belief that this is a sacred place and that all lives are sacred. It is hoped "Dignity" will serve as a reminder for those who visit to return to the time when life was lived with humility, respect, compassion, and of course, dignity.

About 8:30 pm we arrived at Mitchell, SD. We stopped at Mitchell in 2014 on our way home from Alaska. At that time the Corn Palace was undergoing renovation. We wanted to check on the remodel. The story of our day . . . as we arrived they were cleaning up from the big Corn Festival. From the looks of the street it was a success. As we headed to the local Walmart we realized we didn’t eat supper. Decided we weren’t really hungry but the Culver’s Flavor of the Day beckoned us. Chocolate custard with Hershey chocolate and almonds hit the spot!

Today was a long day. Tom drove 440 miles!

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