Exploring with Daisy 2014 travel blog

Glenda Alexander and Larry Seelke

Jan Messick, Martha Boswell, John Messick, Margaret Crow, Wes Spradley

John, Karen, Trish, Randy, Margaret, Linda & Larry

Larry Seelke, Glenda Alexander & Martha Boswell

Martha & Dan Boswell, Wes Spradley, and Jan & John Messick

Tonight my church community group came to John and Karen’s house for a taco dinner. They brought all the food and drinks, as well as paper and plastic goods. It was such a wonderful evening. It had been several months since we had been together. I am so blessed to have so many good friends.

After dinner we divided into two teams and played a trivia game. One person on the team would give a hint about the famous person whose name was on a card. The other people on the team had to guess that person’s name. There were several names on each card and the team had 60 seconds to finish the list. None of us ever did finish! It was fun.

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