Back for More Arizona - Winter 2014 travel blog

the staging area

snowy view

from afar

The sun was out and the temperature was above freezing. Ken packed the motor home basement and took on fresh water, while I hauled out the cold food and shut down the fridge in the house. Neighbors stopped by to visit and wish us well and after lunch we were on our way. Little did we dream that it would take us two hours to drive the seven miles through Bloomington on the expressway. From what we could tell from the CB trucker chatter, a semi had tipped over about five hours earlier and emptied its load of boulders and bricks all over southbound I-55. As bulldozers labored to reload the boulders into dump trucks, we crawled by on the one open lane. For the first hour we were entertained by the colorful language the truckers used as this delay threw their schedules totally off track. Then that got old.

By the time things got moving it was dark and we broke one of our travel rules, driving on to the campground for two hours in the dark. Luckily, it was well lit and well marked and right off the highway. It was also the only campground we were aware of around here that is open year round. That can be a problem in the winter. It would have been nice to get a bit farther. What will tomorrow bring?

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