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Natural Bridge, Torndirrup NP

The Gap, Torndirrup NP

Ben pondering The Blowholes, Torndirrup NP

Gentle giants at the wind farm

Wildflower at wind farm

Wildsnake at wind farm...

Looking uuuuuuuuuup

Ben heading for a wipeout!

Pip surfing groovily

From the crest of the wave


Ben persuaded me that we really did need to move on the next day, despite my conviction that I needed one more days rest... We popped into Torndirrup NP nearby and checked out the Natural Bridge, The Gap and some blowholes.

Then on to a wind farm. Those massive wind turbines are generally a source of contention as they could be described as being visual pollution. At 65 metres tall, with 30 metre blades, they certainly are noticeable. But as they turn by the strength of the wind and hardly make any noise, they seemed graceful and beautiful to us.

All this by midday! Plans to do some bush walking were scrapped due to the rain. We would have liked to climb up to the Granite Skywalk at Porongurup NP. Again, another time...

Instead we decided to head inland to Hyden to check out Wave Rock. We had ummed and aahed over whether it was worth the kilometres as those we'd met who'd been there hadn't really recommended it as worth a significant detour. But the kids had been keen to see it ever since they saw it in their WA colouring books and the Alison Lester book "Are We There Yet?" I could spend a paragraph explaining how the rock formed, but if you're interested, Internet search 'wave rock' and 'Hyden' and enjoy!

As the sun set, we found ourselves walking the Rock, having set up at the next-door caravan park. It's a beautiful formation and has far-reaching views from its top. I felt free and relaxed as soon as we got up high, the kids played with some new-found friends, and Ben took some piccies. So, Was an hour on the rock worth the detour? For us, yes.

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