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Inside cockpit of T-1...Har and Mom

Dad and Har...both flew T-38

Mom and Har

Class patch

Here Bill & I are on Day #4. There is not too much goes on with the Jackie & Harry not here to push us out the door. The weather has been cooler. We had rain in the morning. After lunch we went downtown. I wanted to shop for the great-grandkids. It is always fun to take gifts to the little ones. They are easy to please. I found a nice Alaska sweatshirt jacket for me. Bill had already purchased his shirts before this shopping day. After shopping, we drove around outside Anchorage looking for that Flattop Mtns. that Jackie & Harry went to. Our directions were not good enough. We gave up and came home. We will do some more research and try again another day.

Jackie: Har let us sleep in awhile but then it was off to the base for red carpet tours of the control tower, Radar Approach Control and static displays of the T-6, T-1, and T-38. Good ole boy from Arkansas was our bus driver to the flight line and guys had to warn him to watch his language with a lady on board...funny guy! Met Harry's parents and checked them into their room, before heading over to Har's house for a BBQ. Bailey, (another Pensacola housemate, as well as here) had 20 family members here for his from Hawaii, Nebraska,Kansas and Texas. After some great food and visiting Harry took his parents back to their room and returned to "play" with the pong, beer pong, ect till 2:30 am!

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