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Carpe at SKP Cooperative in Sutherlin, OR

We left with the last vestiges of rush hour

Welcome to Oregon

Crossing the Columbia River on I 205

Along I 5 in Oregon

Escapees Timber Valley Oregon Cooperative

Coos Bay Oregon

Coos Bay Oregon

US 101 Bridge Over Coos Bay

US 101 Coos Bay Bridge

US 101 Bridge Over Coos Bay

Tue, 02 Oct: After a restful nite boondocking at Roadmaster we finally rousted ourselves from our cozy bed and got ready for the road. We'd been here three days so things tended to creep from their stowage places and needed to be returned thereto.

Following a relaxing breakfast we went thru our checklist and got the slides retracted. Bob walked to the Roadmaster office to deliver a thank you note while Sandi checked tire pressures and fluid levels. When Bob returned we hooked up the car and bade farewell to our new friends Ralph & Doreen. They parked next to us at Roadmaster and we enjoyed several Happy Hours. Nice folks and safe journeys to you.

We rolled wheels a tad before nine and tracked back to I 205 south and crossed the Columbia River into Oregon. We joined I 5 south of Portland and continued to Brooks, OR where we put 68.56 gallons of diesel in Carpe's tank. This was our first fuel stop since Idaho the day after Labor Day. Diesel isn't a major expense when you don't go anywhere...

From Brooks we continued south on I 5 through Salem and Eugene. The weather was beautiful the entire trip and traffic no problem once out of Portland. As usual, we switched drivers half way so we were rested. Of note: According to our trip computer Carpe averaged just shy of ten miles per gallon during today's run.

We exited the Interstate at Sutherlin and drove two miles to the Escapees Timber Valley Cooperative. We arrived a few minutes after one and got checked into a nice big space. We signed up for three days and paid for two under a promotion they're having for first time guests. If we elect to stay longer they'll honor the same deal a second time. Such a deal!

We have mail heading here and hope to do some sightseeing during our stay. The weather is warm and sunny but is forecast to drop into the low forties tonite. Snuggle weather!

Stay tuned for updates during our stay...

Wed, 03 Oct: It was pretty nippy this morning. We had the electric heat set for a cool sleeping temperature and it cycled on and off all nite keeping us nice and warm. We know we'll be in the "hots" further south but this is a bit too much cool.

It was a beautiful day so we decided to play tourist. We took the car out to the beautiful Oregon coast at Reedsburg. It was a nice drive through rolling hills with trees all around. Some stretches were so densely forested that we had to turn on the headlights to see the instruments.

Once at the coast we took US 101 south toward Coos Bay. We lunched in Coos Bay and then headed back inland toward Roseburg. This was the second time we've driven from Coos Bay to Roseburg, the first time was in 1985 in a brand new car that came apart on the road (really, came apart as with engine parts bouncing along the road behind us.) We got towed to the Chrysler dealer in Roseburg where we found out that Chrysler doesn't honor their warranties and we had to pay for repairs. That was the last Chrysler product we ever bought.

Dinkum did much better and we had an uneventful drive back to Roseburg and then north on I 5 to Sutherlin. We were back home with plenty of time to spare. We wanted to watch the debate. What a show...

Thu, 04 Oct: It was even colder overnite with temperatures in the low forties. Again our electric heat kept us nice and snug. There was a frost warning, and the forecasts are for even colder overnite temperatures thru the weekend.

We checked the status of our mail and learned that it had arrived at the local Post Office. After breakfast we drove over and picked it up. Our absentee ballots were inside so we'll get them filled out and heading back to South Dakota within the next few days.

After returning to the SKP park we checked on the laundry room and found it deserted. We jumped at the chance to get that chore behind us and by late morning we tucked the last pair of sox away. It is always soooooo good to have laundry behind us.

We'll spend the balance of the afternoon going thru the mail. At 1600 there is a neighborhood "attitude readjustment" session and we've been invited. It was put to us this way: "if you don't show up we'll talk about you!" Nuff said...

We're planning to head out tomorrow morning. We originally thought we go to Klamath Falls, but they don't seem to be very RV friendly so we may stop at the Rogue River State Park instead. We'd like to visit Crater Lake and need a jumping off place from which to do that. We'll do the route planning and then make a decision. If not, there is always "Plan B", whatever that may be!

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Miles this leg: 188.2
Total miles since Casa Grande: 9,005.3

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