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The 'road' from the border

Wash Time

As we were packing our bags on Chinese soil for what we hoped was to be the final time we heard a knocking at the door of our hotel room. The tout who had brought us to "hisH hotel was back to take us to the bus station. Danny got rid of him when he started to poke his nose through our things but when we opened the door to leave he was still there. His persistence paid off and we agreed for him to take us 2kms - his estimation not ours. We piled into his trailer and after a couple of minutes he was pulling over having found us a bus to the border town of Mohan. Typical.

Having journeyed for a couple of hours along winding roads through jungle landscape and isolated bamboo villages we reached Mohan. Pastel coloured immaculate shop fronts more at home in Florida than China.

In no time at all we were stamped out of China and being waved along a tarmac road in the general direction of what we presumed was Laos. The tarmac road looked immaculate and so Danny refused the offer of a Tuk Tuk to the border - 2Kms is nothing! I wasn't so sure and when the road deteriorated into a mudbath Danny was truly in the doghouse. Luckily we were able to flag down a vehicle to take us afterall. Danny's bacon was saved.

Once at the border we were relieved to find that visas were indeed available at the border. Once safely in Laos our next priority was breakfast. In our wisdom we declined the waiting bus in favour of feeding time and then found that the next bus was not scheduled but would leave when full. I use bus in the loosest sense of the word - imagine a flat bed truck with planks along either side on which to sit and a canopy overhaed to protect from the sun.

When we finally left the border "town" after a wait of three hours we then spent another three hours travelling to the Northern transport hub of Udom Xai. To our amusement and my continuing intruige we were in the company of a Mongolian family who were pn there way to Vientiane in the South and intended to do it in a day. We spent much of the journey explaining to them how they could get there but that there was no way of doing it in one day. We never figured out what the hell they were travelling in Laos for - I wish they had spoken more English so that I could have known there story. Hopefully they have made it to Vientiane by now!

Udom Xai was blissfully sleepy and as I had imagined Laos to be - seemingly lost in time with little evidence of progress. Our GH was clean and friendly and in the evening sun we were able to walk the length and breadth of it within the hour. Charming.

Day 73 complete

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