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Just a little ways out of Wells, on 93.

A little further north.

Actually, this is the road leading away from trailer park in Wells.

This was a little snow fall north of Twin Falls, on I84.


Just some scenery.

Somewhere in eastern Oregon.


Snake River.


Got lucky and captured this neat cloud formation.

Believe this is approaching La Grande.

On the upper plateau, east of Meacham.

Here we go!!

Just getting started. Dropped into 2nd gear for the trip down. It's...

View from part way down.

Getting there. Highway on flat, below.


Still going down, but almost there.

Almost there.

The remainder of today was spent making up time for the two days lost in Wells, Nevada. My goal was to be back in Portland by this weekend. My secondary goal was to get past the Meacham Pass – otherwise known as Dead Man’s Pass – before dark. Today.

Fortunately, 93 going north was in good shape. Although the speed limit was 70 mph, most people were staying down around 60, and there wasn’t really a good way for me to pass, so I just stayed in line and took it easy.

My original plan would have taken me up through Oregon, either going over to Winnemucca and up 95, or veering off I84 at Ontario and cutting across 20. Neither way looked good weather wise. Cold and snow were forecast going west across Nevada, as well as most of Central Oregon, and then there were the Cascades. So, I just stayed on 84 all the way. This was the longest stretch of freeway I had traveled since leaving Florida.

So, not many pictures today. For one, the road conditions didn’t allow me much latitude in taking pictures on the fly, and most of you have seen this part of Oregon already.

Well, I got to Meacham in good order, with daylight to spare, so I kept going, and going. After finding one campground full, I ended up at Memaloose State Park, just west of The Dalles.

Travel time: 11 ¼ hours

Distance: 603 miles

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