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golf cart parade

It's not nice to gloat, so I'll simply say that I spent a nice afternoon at the pool and was comfortable sitting in the shade. It's a beautiful swimming pool, but very hard to swim in. The water is the temperature that achy, aging joints require and pool partakers grab a noodle, wrap it around their torso, and bob in the water chatting. So, when I did try to swim it felt like a slalom between conversations about doctors' visits. The water felt good on my achy joints, too. Since it has turned warmed, we've done a bike ride to breakfast, a round of golf on a real course (walking of course and today a twenty mile bike ride in the strong wind. Two hours of tennis are scheduled for Friday.

This area is noted for being windy and it can certainly be blamed for some of those bad golf shots yesterday. As we rode our bikes out of the park this morning, we saw an electric light show of burning and arcing. Apparently the strong wind had blown down a power line and caught the grass on fire. Some of the bike riders got phone calls while we were on the ride from friends who stayed in the campground and they said that the entrance to our park had been closed as the fie department took control of the flames. People who live in the mobile homes nearest the park entrance had to evacuate.

The campground is large and while we walk or ride our bikes to everything, most of our neighbors have golf carts. They are efficient and quiet and are commonly available for rent since there are so many large campgrounds in the valley. Some say that old people are in their second childhood, and that was certainly true when the golf cart parade went by. A few were decorated and many of the drivers threw candy at the handful of us who were not in the parade. I'm not sure what the reason for the parade was, but the participants were clearly having a fun time. And you can always use some candy.

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