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The overnite at Crater's Edge Hostel was great fun and relaxing...met some very interesting folks, two were IT, one was a mathemetician who had developed a software program 17 yrs ago that is unique in what it does so has been w/ the same software company in Canada the whole time. Getting a bit burned out sitting 80% of his time in front of a computer screen! Would like to go into teaching. The other is a young 20-something who does programming/stuff (would´n't say exaxtly) for Facebook/UTube/etc as a contractor for different employers. Has been travelling all over world the last 3? yrs doing this wherever...a Frenchy kid, funny for a change.

Upon returning I attempted to use my iPod and the thing froze...couldn't use the Touch feature, can use the off button, just doesn't respond. Left it overnite (today is Friday) and battery was totally dead...now charging. It is amazing how much I became dependant upon it for keeping track of $$$, schedule, information (Spanish/English, maps, news, etc) since it connects to WiFi everywhere WiFi is available which is usually where we are staying and they just give out the password. I've found it almost indespensible! Now I feel lost w/o it. Really amazing what technology does to your life when you take full advantage of it in this way. I should have realized this since I lost all confidence in my abilities in multiplication and division once I had a calculator! This is even worse! Anyway, with Bon's camera gone and now my iPod, our lives have become considerably simpler in some ways. But we shall see if this lasts long.

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