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day 43, 29th on rt66

we made it to flagstaff, az stopping in several little dying or dead townships - joseph city, jack rabbit trading post, winslow, meteor city, twin arrows, we didn't forget winona, (but everyone else did, there were no city/town etc., signs and only one shell gas station and a bridge), camping in flagstaff... we too a few photos before going to camp. we'll do flagstaff tomorrow - no snow so far but the temp at 10p is 22.8deg. you may notice in our photos we are wearing the same clothes at times because we never expected the weather to be soooo cold/windy and snow... we brought several nice rt66 t's but cannot wear them yet and we are very weather hardened, we've camped in weather like this before but just not as prepared this time - i always check the weather normal's for the areas we are going but all the charts were dead wrong this trip... normally we can adjust our routes for what ever weather we want northerly for cold/snow etc, southerly for warmer/hot but in order to do the 6's we have to stay the course and bite the bullet... not to worry, we are troopers and warmer weather is a little more west...

we carry a little weather station, (photo below) see our little man and how he dresses for whatever weather is about to come?, notice the little snowman below to his left arm which means maybe snow...the little arrow? shows the barometer is going up and see the clouds/sun? means tomorrow will be cloudy w/sunshine - upper number is outside temp, then humidity, inside temp, date and time... the weather station is computer linked to the weather channel

our day 29 on rt66 photos:


our location re google maps:


ron & bebe

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