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Fresno Mobile Home and RV Park - Site 15

Some of the terrain coming down to the valley from Tehachapi

A dust devil along the way

The winds were pretty high again today as we came down out of the mountains into the San Joaquin Valley in central California. The valley is where most of the citrus and nuts are grown in the Unites States. And by nuts I mean pistachio, almonds, etc. not the human kind though I am starting to believe you have to be a little nuts to live here. We passed grove after grove of citrus, grape and, I believe pistachio nut trees and vines. We filled up in Tehachapi where the gas was 2.54 a gallon. It's about 20 cents a gallon cheaper here in Fresno. It will be interesting to see what it is around Sacramento tomorrow when we fill up again.

Not many pictures taken during this stop - I forgot my camera when we went to the rodeo yesterday. We did have a good time at the rodeo. The Clovis Rodeo is celebrating its 95th anniversary and is one of the top 15 rodeos in the country. They had participants from all over the country. We got to see all of the regular events - bare back riding, saddle bronc riding, steer wrestling, team roping, tie down roping, barrel racing, and bull riding - as well as one I hadn't seen before, mutton busting. As you might guess, that is small children (mostly 5 year-olds) tryng to ride grown sheep. I think the adults had a lot better time watching it than the children did participating. For some it was a really wild ride.

For the bull riding, they had some of the toughest bulls I have seen. These seemed to do all of their twisting and bucking within mere feet of the chute. Luckily there were no serious injuries. Likewise there was only a few that were able to stay on for the full 8 seconds.

Today we have just been relaxing and getting the coach ready for another trip tommorow. We will be heading for Beale AFB which is just a little east of Yuba City, about 50 miles north of Sacramento.

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