The wall of sculptures..starting with "Welcome"...







The walkway to the beach on the right..

The restaurant on the left..

We checked out the booths first..

The beach was packed for what looked like a mile..



The whale below was our favorite..:-)

The deck was packed too..

The pumpkins on the left were cool too..

A flock of pelicans flying over...


Fun for the kids...


We had fun shopping too..





Last one!

We had a wonderful day at the beach checking out all the awesome sculptors completed for Sandcastle Days at Clayton’s Bar & Grill.

2018 marks the 31st Anniversary of Sandcastle Days on the beautiful beaches of South Padre Island, Texas. Sandcastle Days is a family event that annually attracts over 30,000 spectators who come to witness spectacularly carved sculptures by some of the world’s best known professional sand sculptors. Clayton’s Beach Bar & Grill and the City of South Padre Island produce this signature event celebrating art and memories on the beach.

The first thing you see after walking from the parking lot is a wall of awesome sculptors with everything from “Welcome to Padre” to local restaurant advertisements and much more. The restaurant is huge, it is known as the most popular place for spring breakers. It is also known as The Biggest Beach Bar in Texas. It was cool to see so many sand sculptors lining the beautiful beach.

Master Sand sculptors Walter McDonald (aka Amazin Walter) and Lucinda Wierenga (aka Sandy Feet) are South Padre Island residents and 31 years ago started Sandcastle Days as a way to demonstrate the magical sculpting qualities of South Padre Island sand AND the critical importance of protecting our beautiful coastal shores.

Over the years this family-fun event has grown from a local celebration to qualifying event for the World Championships of Sand Sculpting where 30,000+ fans come to watch the sand come alive. Admission was free and included live music, art booths, and great food, We did not stay long enough to see who won the competition. The whale was definitely our favorite. :-) Check back later for more from Padre Island.

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