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We were told by the weatherman that we have a short window of good weather this morning! We rushed to get in line at the Landi to off load our equipment on the launch site. After inflation, Al, Dena and Carl climbed into the basket with Jon for an incredible flight!

Ed, Sue and Robin were joined by Magali, Pierre and Tzinga for the chase. We headed towards Gstaad and the ski area. We lost sight of the balloon behind the mountains but had radio and cell phone contact. We were a bit confused as to where they were flying since Robin forgot to put the GPS rhino radio in the basket! Several balloons followed the same route. When Jon landed in a wonderful field right next to a road, chalet and barn. Dena went to the Chalet and found the name of the town. North of Saanenmosser where Jon had landed on our last trip to Chateau d'Oex. They stayed inflated and we found them easily.

As we were packing up, we noticed a balloon across the canyon from us was deflating. No roads went up the mountain so a large tractor headed up to assist. This was not successful and a helicopter was notified for help. The helicopter pilot saw us first and thought we were the ones in distress. He flew low over us as we loaded the basket and envelope in the trailer. We motioned that we were OK and that the pilot in distress was across the canyon. We got to watch the retrieval of the commercial balloon and it's passengers from afar. It was very interesting. We found out later that one of the female passengers needed a potty break (really?!?) and the wind came up!

Due to high winds and snow, the Festival cancelled the Saturday Night Glow. This was very sad because the glow is one of the best shows on the planet! The Festival did schedule an awards cocktail party Congrats to Carl and thanks for representing the Western Spirit Team so well. To everyone's surprise, the BAND showed up! If you have followed any of our other Chateau d'Oex trips, you know about the BAND. This year, their theme was Vikings. They are the best and incredible fun!

We had dinner in Rossier at the Le Croix Pizzeria which serves an incredible meal on a hot marble stone. They bring your meat selection to you raw and a hot (500 degrees)marble slab on a wooden serving plate. You get to cook your own meal.

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