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Here is the COCORD waiting to be used.

This is my sister Peg's vintage camper she set up in Pigeon...

This the new 3 bike carrier I installed on the tow bar...

The bike carrier is easy to install and only takes a few...

Another view of the bikes securely mounted for travel. I can keep...

This is Toby.....almost 2 years old now and going strong. He is...


Hello Friends and Family,

Just checking in with everyone. I know it has been an extended amount of time since our last update on our travels and such. Hope this check- in finds everyone doing good, and enjoying the early Spring we got handed to us on a silver platter.

As most of you all know, I went back to work last August at DENSO, to help earn a little extra traveling money. Well, that contract ended this past Friday (4/13). It was a lot of fun being back to work with my buddies and close friends. I also had the pleasure of making a few new friends along the way. Thanks DENSO for a tremendous and challenging eight months. The going away “again” lunch you guys gave was a hoot. I told Linda and Ted that I am always available in the future to help, and I meant that with all my heart.

Now that we have the time, Chris and I can think about getting back on the road again. Of course, I have to contend with taking Chemotherapy again. We started Chemo again back in Feb and the treatments will not end until Mid July…so, in the meantime, between the monthly treatment, we will do what we can to enjoy the open road.

Here is the latest:

This week we attended the Festival of Nations out at Dollywood. Nice shows and the crowd was down. We will try to get back out there a couple more times this month to catch shows we haven’t seen yet. I always enjoy the food during this time. I tried the German Wurst Dog and Chris tried the Chinese Chicken and between the two we enjoyed. Maybe we can run into some of you guys out there this month.

Our road trip plans are coming together a little bit each week. We are scheduled to be at Fort Wilderness at Disney the last week in May. We will take the motor home and camp during this time. My son Greg, his wife Karen, two of my Grandsons; Brady and Nich, will be travelling down with us in the CONCORD. Six folks and a dog in the CONCORD. This will be a good time of bonding to say the least. Chris and I will be at Fort Wilderness and Greg and others will be at the Music and Sports Resort.

While we are there we hope to do a lot of walking and biking in the camp. Chris and I are trying hard not to go to any of the theme parks. We are just wanting to kick back and enjoy the campground which in itself is a fine resort and fun place to do things. Maybe we will just ride all the boats and trams to each resort to get the feel of being a tourist. The transportation passes come with staying in the resort and I think is a lot of fun to just ride all the different modes of transport…tram, ferry boat, bus etc.

Before we load up and head out to Orlando we have a lot of maintenance to do on the CONCORD.

I just mounted a THREE bike carrier to the tow bar and it looks just great. Bikes are needed and recommended to haul with you when camping. You never know when you will need an alternate mode of transportation and it is always a great way to get some exercise after eating all those hotdogs and marshmallows.

One maintenance item needed is cleaning the exterior of the CONCORD. So, I started waxing her today and I think it will take about a week to finish, if I do a section at a time. Don’t want to overdo it on my first week off from work.

Hope to have the rig de-winterized by the end of next week then will need to sanitize and fill the fresh water tanks. Then charge the RV toilet and make sure all the electrical systems are go, including the Generator, A/C and reefer units. On board TV and Sat systems are the last items to check.

Then Chris and I will set down and do a “loading plan” for the CONCORD. Every spot will have something in it, since we will gone for over a week. We will not be able to do any grocery / food shopping while we are in the resort/camp, so we will have to haul everything we need with us on this run. We will not have our “TOAD” (towed car) with us to go outside the park, so, we will have to be self- sufficient.

Speaking of food: We are wanting to try some (new) HAMBURGER HELPERS on this trip, to see if they are worthy. The packages don’t take up much space and are light weight. Have heard they make some really good meals out of them. Of course, we plan on taking in some of the shows there and maybe we can catch a really good meal that way. In the meantime, we plan on cooking on the grill a lot.

If any of you have stayed at Fort Wilderness and have any suggestions please send them out to us for us to consider and try. We stayed at Fort Wilderness back in 2006 and we really enjoyed it.

So, To all my friends and family that are RV’ers and camping enthusiast, please let me know what your plans are for the coming camping season and maybe we can hook up. Chris and I would love to do that some time.

I know I haven’t made a lot sense in this update, but I promise I will keep everyone in the loop as the CONCORD starts turning her big wheels. As always, please, keep us in your prayers, always being mindful of our Lord’s great love and grace toward all of us.

Make sure you make an entry in the guest log to let us know you where here!!!

In memory of Mom and Dad….The Adventure continues…………………………………………

Later Alligators,

ArchieandChris (and Toby the travelling pup)

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