More Adventures with Daisy 2007-08 travel blog

This morning we were on the road by around 11:30 -- later than we normally leave. We didn't have far to go, though, so it didn't matter. Again, as at Niagara Falls, Barbara was pulled over for questioning by U S Customs agents. She probably will have to contend with this every time she leaves the country and then returns to the States. The other Barbara E Jones' police record will haunt her unless the powers that be come up with a way to automatically clear Barb when her passport is scanned.

It rained or sprinkled on us all the way to Montpelier and is a bit chilly. By the time we had arrived at the Green Valley Campground, it had stopped raining. I hurried to get hooked up in case it started to rain again. The drive through the Green Mountains was very pretty. This is my first visit to Vermont so I'm looking forward to seeing some of the state.

Our Canadian friend, Linda Baird, arrived here Thursday, waiting to join us on our trip to Nova Scotia. I'm not sure how far she will travel with us. I do know that she is planning to spend the winter in the Rio Grande Valley. She made us a wonderful meal tonight of pork chops, fresh yellow beans, new potatoes, cucumbers and tomatoes. Barb made some cornbread.

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