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October 3, 2019

Last night’s smoked turkey looked beautiful but was a bit dry. The moist cornbread casserole and Caesar salad made up for it. 2017 Castle Rock cabernet.

Can’t believe we leave tomorrow morning for Grand Junction, CO! Seems as if we just arrived. With the much larger rig we are getting used to not being able to drive where ever we want. Borrowed the car to shop at TJ’s for the week. Still getting used to packing the rig also. We have a freezer that we chose not to have before in order to gain fridge space. I’m getting used to having one now! Still in shake down mode.

Cherry Creek is such a nice neighborhood with everyone out walking dogs and babies, having coffee on a patio, brunch etc. I walked to the Amazon store to return an order. Great to be able to just drop off a return. Very handy.

Claire has been a great baby today, mostly sleeping. I swear she grew an inch or two since we have been here. She looks so long!

About 3:00 Josh, Bob and I took Lyft to the Convention Center, host to the 38th 3-day Great American Beer Festival. They offer over 62,000 attendees the opportunity to choose more than 4,000 beers from over 800 breweries! This is Josh’s 6th year in attending so he knows the drill. This year he remembered that we should take back packs because there are so many “give aways” and not enough pockets. The first sign we saw stated “No Backpacks”! We picked up a program, walked over to 16th Street where we found Henry’s for Happy Hour and we planned our approach. We also had to empty and fold up our backpacks. I had so much strung from my belt loops my pants were sagging! We lined up with thousands of others about 4:45 for a 5:30 opening. Great people watching. Lots of crazy outfits, beer T-shirts and pretzel necklaces for snacking. The system was very efficient when we started moving through security, glass pick up etc. Once through security we fortunately could reload our backpacks.

There were 5 map pages with very understandable schematics (booths were set up by region). Josh knew exactly which breweries I would like and off we went. Bob was such a good sport as he really is not a beer drinker. He tasted his fair share though! Pours are 1 ounce which is just the right amount. Very few waiting lines except for the likes of Russian River. The City of Santa Rosa had a booth where they featured Sonoma County Breweries. They sponsored a scavenger hunt for brewery stamps with the prize being a festival medallion. Josh and I were on it and succeeded! I learned about several breweries in No Cal that I did not know e.g. Hen House (across from Lagunitas in Petaluma). Believe it or not my favorite of the evening was Float the Day Away from our very own Sonoma Springs Brewing Company! By 9:30 our legs were tired of standing and we quickly got Lyft home. We had a great time but missed Melissa!!

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