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The Page, AZ, Fourth of July parade begins

Half the parade was emergency vehicles all with sirens going full blast

Float participants squirting the parade watchers

An interesting parade "float"

City park Fourth of July activities

Challenging trail down to the Glen Canyon Dam Overlook

Although this looks like drifted sand, it is solid rock

View of the canyon and the Colorado River

Colorado River

Glen Canyon Dam

Sunset is coming

Shadows creeping over Lake Powell

As sun sets the formations turn even redder


So pretty

We loved the "shape" of this cactus. It seems to be a...







Page, AZ We started the 4th of July as many Americans do – we watched a parade (loosely defined). The first half consisted of every emergency vehicle in the entire county, both land and water, rolling down the street with its siren sounding. This was followed by every sort of conveyance that could hold people such as a pickup truck, a boat, a low boy and trailers. The riders either threw out candy or squirted people. Those in the know about the candy had big bags like trick-or-treat bags with them. Interesting. We followed up the parade with a visit to the city park full of vendors and games – a real small-town celebration.

The Glen Canyon Dam separates the Colorado River from 186 mile-long Lake Powell. It is 710’ high and took 17 years to fill. We hiked a short trail to the Glen Canyon Dam Overlook to enjoy views over the Colorado River, the surrounding Red Rock desert, and the dam itself. The trail, chiseled out of the sandstone cliff, is quite uneven and steep over fascinating rock that looked like sand. Amazing.

The evening of the Fourth of July naturally means fireworks. We had figured out a place along the road to watch but, much to our delight, the motel owner invited us and two other families over to his home instead for burgers, brews and a great view of the display. This was despite the fact that they had moved into their home only 3 weeks ago! We had a wonderful evening filled with talking and laughter, good food and a great fireworks show. We were even able to chat with one of the electricians responsible for building the glen Canyon Dam. He had some great stories!

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