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We had a relaxed breakfast - it was as good as always plus a bit. The same rich yoghurt, fruit, cereal, cold meats and cheese, and bread and cake. Plus they now have Bougatsa , Katia first, and halva.

The Manager is insistent that we have breakfast before we leave for the train on Saturday - they will open for us at 6, and the taxi is booked for 6:20! We will have to have something!

J&C did the washing and J rigged up the clothesline between the balcony rail and heath pump support bracket.

Then we went out for a walk around the flea market area. C purchased Birkenstocks then left them at a cafe where we had stopped for a Freddo Cappucino - the first of many we expect. (And for the benefit of Henry, Georgie and Emily, these have nothing to do with amphibians - cold coffee, ice, and cold frothed milk on top.)

After a quick trot back, there they were behind the counter waiting. What a relief.

We strolled around the flea market many shoe shops, eating establishments antique shops, cannabis shops, and so on. Obviously a lot of tourist focussed establishments. A few old geezers sitting with coffees passing the time of day.

Hot but nice breeze to cool it a bit. 

Food everywhere! So tempting....

Back to the hotel for another siesta - J went out and eventually found a shop selling shoe cleaning products and the like - here he purchased some waterproofing spray for the new sandals.

Then it was lunch time so we walked down behind the hotel to an area called Psiri - a little tree shaded “square” surrounded by cafes, bars and restaurants. At a small antique cafe ( founded 1952) we shared a platter of appetisers - a relaxing way to spend a few hours under the shade of some climbing bushes that shade the street.

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