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Peanuts and laundry in the village square

Sulu with the silk scarf she made

Large load on two bicycles

Off to the field

Zebu plowing

Freight rickshaw - up to 3000 pounds carried

Zebu damage



Off to the fields in a political t-shirt


Up at 5:30 and a nice breakfast, then off on an eight-hour trip. We stopped for a little walk through some nice rural area, then past a station where they were vaccinating zebu. A bit later we stopped to see some guys chiseling granite and a herd of zebu went by. Two of the bulls were fighting and ran into the van, knocking out a window and denting the rear panel. Quite the mess. Lots of issues when the van started up again.

We drove through a really busy market to a secluded compound and had a locally prepared lunch. Interesting meal. The new van showed up and we said goodbye and tipped the old driver, then loaded up the new (and older) van.

Back through the market and a visit to a silk co-op and were given a silk demonstration, then into the small shop to look at scarves. Kitty got a nice scarf by Solo – an older woman. Sulu (68) who made it. Took some pictures then off again.

Arrived in the next town about sundown and looked as some old buildings. To a money changer where James and I exchanged cash for ariary at a fair rate. Then off to dinner and then to our new rooms for the night.

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