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Monday 6th May 2019

Day 10 Day at sea

First day out of the Seychelles, relaxing into the next seven days at sea, we woke up around 8:45am then to breakfast. No early morning lecture, but went to a maritime talk on The Atlantic by Bob. The ship crossed the equator about 11.00am and there was a Neptune’s Party on the top deck but, as we have crossed the equator a number of times on land, we didn’t attend. Lunch in the dining room and an afternoon sitting reading, then a very amusing half hour of an Italian lesson. The concert tonight was an extravaganza with singers and dancers, acrobats and contortionists and a bit of magic. It was an excellent show and we loved it. Dinner with our friends at the table then shopping around the shops and late to bed.

Tuesday 7th May 2019

Day 11 Day at sea

Lynn’s birthday today. To breakfast around 9am, then a lecture about Katokolon in Greece. We have booked a trip to go to the original Olympic site there and we heard about the port. We went to a talk about who first crossed the Atlantic Ocean, lunch in the dining room and then in the afternoon to our second Italian lesson. Lots of fun. Back to the cabin where we discovered that Lynn had received a present from the ship of hors d’oeuvres and a bottle of bubbly, but because we had already had a cocktail previously, we decided to drink the bottle tomorrow. Down to the show, tonight a ventriloquist who could speak a number of languages but who wasn’t very funny then dinner with our table companions.

Wednesday 8th May 2019

Day 12 Day at sea

Up at about 8:15am today then to breakfast. After breakfast, we went to a lecture about Kotor in Montenegro 𯇲𯇪, one of the last ports we are visiting. We then went to a maritime lecture about pirates in history. (We are in a pirate area and the decks are patrolled by security guards. We have all received instructions on what to do if attacked! Some of our friends told us they saw Security bring on board a lot of armaments whilst we were in Seychelles). We then walked up to the 13th level, where we ran into 4 South African friends and we played cards for a while, saw a whale blowing, no sign of its body, then chatted till about 2pm, then had a light lunch in the buffet, read in a lounge for a while then back to the cabin to crack open the bottle of bubbly that the ship had given Lynn for her birthday yesterday. It was very pleasant, a South African red. Although it didn’t feature in the days printed program we then went to one of the lounges in the hope that Italian was on but turned out it wasn’t so had a walk and then read in the cabin until time for the Show which was the classical singers. Dinner was fun as always and then back to the cabin.

Thursday 9th May 2019

Day 13 Day at sea

Another day at sea today so up at around 8am for breakfast then a maritime talk about the Blue Riband of racing, which was the history of the prize awarded to the fastest ship across the Atlantic Ocean from the 1840’s to the 1980’s. Lunch followed by a walk on the deck, then some reading, then in the afternoon an Italian lesson, followed by cocktails in our dinner companions’ cabin, much laughter and hilarity. This evening, members of the MSC Musica crew were the show in the theatre and they were very good. After the show, down to dinner with our friends then bed.

Friday 10th May 2019

Day 14 Day at sea

Up at around 8:30am for breakfast followed by a talk about the 7 Ancient Wonders of the World, then yet another maritime lecture, this time about the history of travelling in style on ocean liners and cruise ships, had lunch upstairs in the buffet and met a very elderly man from Sheffield who told us his life story, but he was very hard to understand because he spoke very softly. Then another Italian lesson with Pietro and a drink later in the cabin. The show was the South African singer and pianist, who was very good but makes poor jokes and despite his talent we aren’t keen on him. We had dinner with one of our friends as the other wasn’t feeling well, then bed.

Saturday 11th May 2019

Day 15 Day at sea

Breakfast in the restaurant today followed by yet another maritime talk, this one about how the Atlantic affected trade, mail and the wireless over the years, then a talk by the captain about how the ship runs and details of its systems. Very interesting! Lunch in the restaurant then a relaxing afternoon of walking around the deck, some quiet reading, another Italian lesson then a beautiful Chopin piano recital. The show this evening was a spectacular by the singers, dancers, contortionist, acrobats and aerialists who combined for a very enjoyable performance. Dinner in the restaurant with our friends then to bed.

Sunday 12th May 2019

Day 16 Day at sea

Our last day at sea before we get to Aqaba in Jordan and go to Petra. Up at around 8:30am then went to breakfast. Then followed a very interesting talk about the Suez Canal history and current situation, followed by the last maritime lecture, this one being being about the Atlantic Ocean in various wars. Lunch in the restaurant, relaxing, walking on deck then an Italian lesson then the show and dinner with our friends, then bed.

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