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A very tough IPhone

Ike Turner

Larry Heaberlin

Yours Truly

Roasted sausage acorn squash

Hello All,

Sorry i'm a little late with this update but it was a very busy and stressful week.

Lets start out where we left off last week with the Christmas Cookie competition. Our favorite cookie baker took second place again this year with her chocolate cookies. Congratulations to Chef Linda!

This week was a week of car repairs, I took our car into the body shop on Monday morning and didn't get it back until 5:30 on Friday. Lots of Grrrrr. And on top of that it had to back in today to get finished up.

Wednesday night we had a really good rain, and we woke up on Thursday morning, Linda couldn't find her Iphone. After looking all over, I used "find my IPhone" to discover it feel out of her pocket by our friends on third street, and laid in the grass in the rain all night. the amazing thing was, I wiped it off and it still worked just fine. Whewww.

Thursday was the last of the Country music jams. The p[pictures show my friends Ike Turner (93) and Larry Heaberlin (our jam leader) and of course yours truly. It was a nice tribute to Larry who has led the jam for ten years.

On Friday night, Linda and I put on a Karaoke night at the clubhouse. We had about 60-70 people and a good time. A lot of work but a good time.

Sunday, chef Paul tried out a new recipe on the Treager grill. I made sausage stuffed acorn squash. It was pretty tasty even though the squash down here is very small. But the recipe is a keeper.

That's it for this week...phewwww!

Till next week, stay warm!


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