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Ahhhh Tours, what a delightful French City, now it really feels like I am in France amongst French people and living the lifestyle of a French Madam. Paris was great, Paris was fun, I would love to pop into Paris again next time I am in Europe, but really Paris is ‘Paris’ , busy lots of tourists, lots to see and do.

Tours is totally different, however let me record my last night in Paris to ensure that I will remember to savour a great memory.

A few of the Intrepid group I am travelling with went out together at about 6.30 pm for a wander around the beautiful Montmartre area at dusk. We purchased a few cheeses, pates etc for a picnic dinner sitting on the steps of the Sacre Coeur, bought beers off the local touts and watched the sun set over the beautiful city of Paris and then the lights come on, watching the Eiffel Tower light up, the Louvre etc. was a very pretty sight.

There was a great atmosphere with heaps of people all doing the same thing, it really was a fun experience. A late night by the time we finally returned to our hotel.

Next morning, myself and a couple of our Intrepid group raced up to a local cemetery early in the morning to see Oscar Wyld and James Morrisons tombs, a pretty cemetery too, except for all the dead bodies.

Mid morning we hopped onto the train with luggage for a pleasant train trip to Tours. I especially chose this particular Intrepid trip as it was going to lesser known places in France and Spain and if Tours is anything to go by, I will not be disappointed.

Tours is an exceptional place at the centre of the famous Loire Valley chateaux, right in the heart of France. It has a compact historical old city area, easy to walk around, beautiful church, cobbled streets, river with rapids and weeping willows, a lovely outdoor market surrounded by willow trees, many gardens and fountains and the magnificent Hotel de Ville.

For me though, it is the atmosphere, absolutely minimal tourists as Tours is a bit off the beaten track, no massive tour groups and after busy, bustling fun filled Paris, this is a lovely change of pace.

So many beautiful, squares and outdoor restaurants just buzzing with Uni students and locals hanging out. Of course typical of a small French town, everything closes for a couple of hours at lunchtime.

I’ve eaten at the best French Restaurants I’ve ever been to here in Tours, the pate has been to die for, steak with a blue cheese and walnut sauce, and the local wine has been exceptional.

We had a drink beside the river before dinner together last night after a big day of travelling so now have a day of cycling the Loire Valley to look forward to next.

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