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Mel and Nancy at Devils Tower

rock climbers

devils tower from a distance

Mel at sign

Sturgis Motorcycle Muriel

Mel and Nancy with the masses

Up early to get a good start on the day.

First we drove to Devils Tower National Park. What a amazing site.

The Native Americans Story is that “there were 8 children playing, seven sisters and their brother. Suddenly the boy was struck dumb; he trembled and began to run upon his hands and feet. His fingers became claws, and his body was covered with fur. Directly there was a bear where the boy had been. The sisters were terrified; they ran, and the bear after them. They came to the stump of the great tree, and the tree spoke to them. It told, them climb upon me and as they did it began to rise into the air. The bear came to kill them, but they were just beyond its reach. It reared against the tree and scored the bark all around with its claws. The seven sisters were borne into the sky and they became the stars of the the Pleiades”

Mel and I took a little time to enjoy the scenery by walking around the tower about 1 hour. Devils Tower is 867 feet from it base and 1,267 feet above the river and 5, 112 feet above sea level. The area of the tear-dropped shape top is 1.5 acres. The diameter of the base is 1,000 feet. We saw several groups of folks climbing the tower. I could never climb like that.

After spending a couple of hours enjoying the beauty of the tower, we were off the Sturgis. Which is the motorcycle capital of the world. Not much happening as far as partying but we enjoyed seeing it anyway.

We still had a lot of daylight, so we decided to travel on to Rapid City. We are getting here 2 days early.

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