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Carpes at Lexington VA Wal*Mart

Welcome to North Carolina

This road wears many hats
Or is it just having an identiy crisis???

Coming off the hill we get a bird's eye view...

Road sign or view of life experiences?

Sat, 12 May: A long three state day...

It has been very hot and our house air conditioning is not doing very well. One of the two compressors isn't running so it's coping (or trying to cope) with the heat at 50% efficiency. Yet another "issue".

It eventually cooled down sufficiently to sleep, but we were up early despite our lack of sleep. We got the coach ready to roll. Sandi pulled out of our site around 0820 but was immediately stopped by the park's gates, which would not open when we approached. We called the office, no answer. No answer because Guy was already in his golf cart coming to our rescue. He had to squeeze himself between the gate and gatepost to key in the code from the outside. Gates swung open and out we went.

We continued north on I 95 and into North Carolina. A few miles north of the border we stopped to pick up a new highway map. Then another few miles till we exited I 95 and picked up I 74 west. We were looking for US 220 north, but the routes are pretty confusing around these parts and US 220 / I 74 / (and later) I 73 sorta all mix together. Confusing for us and we hope the highways have it figured out.

We continued west and northwest a whole bunch, eventually arriving at Greensboro North Carolina. In Greensboro we wanted to continue north on US 220, but even with two GPS units we managed to get lost. Signage is very poor and poor US 220 got confused and eventually lost. So, we got to take NC 68 north and back east till it joined US 220, which was right there all along!!!

US 220 travels thru the mountains and is quite curvy and hilly. Kept us, along with our trusty engine brake busy. We broke for lunch in a DQ parking lot in Rocky Mount VA. A bit farther along we arrived at Roanoke and I 81. North on the interstate a bit to Lexington VA where we found a nice level spot for the nite. Today's drive was a long-ish 312 miles with a fuel economy of 7⅔ mpg (mountains don't help fuel economy you know!)

It was very, very hot here, well into the nineties. Our fridge decided to sulk and wouldn't cool. We ran over some very rough roads which often upsets it. Our cure is to turn it off for a few hours, let all the chemicals settle down, and re-start it. This we did, but turning off the fridge in hot weather isn't good for the food. So, Bob ran into Wally for a bag of ice. We re-started the fridge after sunset and it started to cool again. Yea.

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