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The road leaving the KOA

I80 heading east

Highest Point on I80 east of the Mississippi River

Looking down hill from the highest point

Winnie at the Woodland Campground

The mobile repair technician arrived early Saturday morning to repair the hot water heater. It was a $20 part (diode) and $150 minimum charge to come to the campground. Having hot water, priceless. We're off to New Jersey.

On our way to New Jersey, we stopped to get our propane tank filled. When the attendant hooked the hose to our propane tank, it appeared that the valve on the tank stuck open and created a back pressure that caused propane to begin to leak around the fill fitting on the hose. They couldn't pump any propane and we began loosing what was in the tank. The guy removed the hose and the propane continued to leak until he stuck a rod into the fill valve and caused the valve to close. I've never had that problem before and thought that it might have been because the guy sprayed WD40 on the threads before attaching the hose. We moved on without getting propane.

We stopped at a campground in Woodland, PA along I80 for the night. I though I'd try to fill the propane tank again. Unfortunately the same thing happened when the guy hooked the hose to the tank. He called the propane company to see if he could get some assistance, but their technician was over an hour away. We waited in the office for the tech to arrive for nearly an hour, but no technician. When we checked on Winnie again, the valve had apparently shut on its own. No propane fill again. Since it looked like the cold weather was going to continue and what propane we had left wouldn't last another 3 or 4 days, we decided to head home on Sunday. With the weather events and Winnie problems, it wasn't a very good first trip of the year.

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