Rich and Cindy Ackman Alaska Trip 2018 travel blog

On the drive from Cody to Yellowstonne

Kepler Cascade

Lewis Falls

Moose Falls

Crawfish Creek

Old Faithful

Paint Pots

Road To Tetons

Joey in the snow

Mountains over Lake Yellowstone

Lower Falls

Yellowstone Grand Canyon

Elk in Velvet

Bison causing 6 1/2 mile traffic backup

Fantastic drive from Cody WY to Yellowstone. More beautiful mountain ranges, streams, rivers, and waterfalls. This time of year the waterways are full and at their best. As I said before, pictures simply can't describe it properly.

We spent 3 days in Yellowstone dry camping. For those of you who aren't aware of the term, it means no water or electric. Now we know how the pioneers felt!! I have to admit that having a queen size bed, refrigerator, microwave, etc. was still handy. Yellowstone has little to no cell service and absolutely no Wifi. Cindy made it through, but it was rough.

Over the three days, we traveled on the scooter about 300 miles, and saw about 20% of the park. I had no idea Yellowstone was so huge. Again, geography was not my best subject. The park has it all. We saw bison, elk, buckpoints, cayote, waterfalls, geysers, all sorts of geological elements, and the scenery is unsurpassed. I really can't describe it but I hope you get an idea from some of the pictures. I took over 500 pictures,so this unfortunately will be a small sample. I really can't describe it properly other than to say that as an American, this should be on your top 5 things to do.

We left this morning and did another 85 mile drive through Yellowstone and then headed north to Choteau, MT for the night. We head to Glacier National Park tomorrow.

Again, I wish I could add more pictures but we will have more when we return home.

Canada in a couple days!!!!!!

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