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What a disappointment. There were signs everywhere to watch for Moose and no sightings. At one point I thought my driver was going to say" I'll pull off the road and you tromp through the forest and see if you can send one this way. " These thoughts come and go when you are on the road for days.

The only item on our list of "to do, " in Maine was lobster! My husband wanted three meals that included it in some way for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Once we got our room we headed downtown to the port and chose the Portland Lobster Co restaurant. It was $15 to park but the attendant told us it was good till 2 am. Hum, the only time I am awake at 2am is when my husband gets up to use the bathroom.

He ordered 1 1/2 pound lobster dinner and I got a lobster roll which came with fries and Cole slaw. We received a lobster shaped buzzer to notify us when it was ready. Then we found out that you had to register for a place to sit down at a picnic table, under the canopies on the dock. There was a band playing music that I didn't recognize at the decibel level of a sonic jet. The mix of residents, tourists, employees, and children was chaos. The meal was once again expense and borderline. A baked potatoe most likely from the day before, over cooked corn, and the lobster was NOT 1 1/2 pounds. My lobster roll was cold with congealed butter, there could not have been more than 2 tablespoons of Cole slaw. Yelp here I come!

Portland's water front was the first of many we saw. They have become a tourist meccas of souvenir shops, second hand stores, ice cream parlors, coffee houses, and kitchen utensil stores. Our souvenir was a flattened penny that says Portland.

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