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First sunrise in Fiji

Onroute to the hotel

Very nice pool

One of many... ;-)

The semi-submarine on South Sea Island

South Sea Island beach

First sunset

Yep, a real underwater photo. This fish later bit my finger during...

Another tasty friend

A lot of them!

More fish

A lone cowboy

Boarding school in the island of Waya

Beach at the island of Waya

Village in the island of Waya

Three women cooking dinner

Drying leaves for wowing ex. carpets

Solarpowered satellite phone

Church of the village

Classroom of the boardingschool

I like that sign :-)

One of the students - Memsi (7)

Night over Waya

On the Wanataki "Cruise" (free night...)

Staff singing for us

The beach off Botaire resort

Main building of Botaire resort

View of the ocean

View of the ocean

See the coral near the shore?

The most beautiful trail going from Sunrise resort to the Blue Lagoon

The most beautiful trail going from Sunrise resort to the Blue Lagoon

Me on the trail to Blue Lagoon

View of the island of Tawewa

A local I met on a hike in the Island of Nanuya...

Very lush forest on the island of Wanuya Lei Lei

First view of the Blue Lagoon

The real Blue Lagoon with cruiseships in the private half of the...

Blue Lagoon in the afternoon

A kiwi couple I met in Sunrise resort on the island of...

Staff climbs coconut palm in Sunrise resort

Staff member throwing down a fresh green coconut

Cutting it open. Green coconut is for drinking, brown coconut is for...

Ocean view from Nauya Lei Lei

This is the beach off Sunrise resort at low tide

My favorite hammock

Fiji style house called a Bure

Sunrise resort seen from the transferboat

Me in the transferboat on the way to the Yasawa Flyer

Looks pretty crowded...

View from the Yasawa Flyer with Cathryn in the middle

Blue Lagoon seen from the Yasawa Flyer

Just me again... Guess where...

Looks rather nice, doesn't it?

Sunrise from a mountain in the island of Nacula [Nathula]

Sunrise in Nacula Island

It's up :-)

The dark side...

Early bird special shot

It's the moon seen from the mountain at sunrise

View of the ocean

Sunrays creeping over the mountain top

Snorkeling off Oarsman Bay Lodge resort on Nacula island

Looking north

Navola bay... Imagine silk soft sand, clear water and beautiful coral reef

Postcard view from the beach

My favorite beach

"Ray" guiding us on a trip to the caves

Sawailau Caves

Very dark, very wet

Looking up through an opening

Total darkness

The deepest chamber of the underwater caves

Going back out

Beach lunch

Fairwell song by the staff of Oarsmans Bay Lodge

Island of Nacula

Unknown island

Bounty island

Catamaran on South Sea Island

It holds four persons, and I sailed it alone!

My instructor looks tired... Wonder why?

Transferboat, semi-submarine and a lone snorkler

24H Kava Shop - WOW

Fiji Museum in Suva

Canibal forks... Yummie

Fish hat??

Chief costume

Hindu religion

Nice hair cuts, some are even modern today!

Me in front of the museum

Just me again. Happy mom?

Lady with the cup of kava is Telei, rest is family

Salina and Boomer

Government compound house.. nice

Bula vinaka! (Hi and welcome)

It's been almost four weeks since my last update, but now it's finaly here.

This takes place between 3/9-05 and 30/9-05.

When I arrived at the hotel early on the morning of the 3'rd of September, I quickly decided that it was not the place to linger, and then I booked island-hopping for 21 days.

The next day I was headded to the marina to catch the Yasawa Flyer, a big yellow catamaran ferry going to the Islands og the Yasawas.

I stoped on pretty much all of the accisible islands and I spend between one and three nights in most resorts. My top three is:

Nacula Island, Oarsmans Bay Lodge

Naviti Island, Kourovou Resort

South Sea Island, the resort.

I have taken a lot of photos in the past month, so I hope U like them.

Perhaps you're thinking - What have he been doing for so long ? -

Well there's not much to do but enjoy yourself, soak up the sun, read tons of books and swim and snorkel in the crystal clear waters of Fiji. And drink KAVA of course..

Kava is an extract from a plant and some roots. You put it in an old sock and wash it through some water and then you drink it. It tastes and looks like liquid mud, and the only effect is that your lips and tonge will go numb after about 30 min of intense kava drinking. But the locals love it :-)

Most places the food is not very good, and there' not very much of it.

That's gotta be the only downside of the Yasawas, but then again - it's for backpackers, not old people who needs at least five star hotels...

After I returned from the islands, I hooked up with an employee from South Sea Island (Teilei) and she invited me home to stay with her cousin in Suva. They live in the Presidential compound and he's a driver for the First Lady. Acctually most of the family workes for the governement in some sort or the orther. It was quite an experience to live privately in Suva, the capital of Fiji, for four days. Unfortuneadly I was sick the first two days. It mostly rains in Suva since it's on the east side of the main island of Viti Levu, but we had one very nice full day with sunshine. We visited the Fiji Museum and the local market, and spent the rest of the day walking around in the city.

Next day I went back to Nadi town to catch my flight to Auckland.

That's about it for Fiji, but let me introduce you all to the funny Fijian language.

Here is a small vocabulary:

Bula = Hi, hello etc.

Thank you = Vinaka

Thank you very much = Vinaka vaca levu

Big = Levu

Small = Lei Lei

Yadra = Good morning

No = Sega

Yes = Io

Me = Au

You = Iko

Beach = Matasewa

Sea = Waitui

Boat = Waqa

Coconut = Niu

Mother = Nana

Father = Tata

So by now I can't stop saying Bula and Vinaka to everybody.. People here in Auckland look strange when you say Bula to them.. So I'll just say "Kia Ora" instead - that's Hello and welcome in Maori language.

Bye! :-)

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