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Scenes in Monet's garden

Scenes in Monet's garden

Scenes in Monet's garden

Scenes in Monet's garden

Scenes in Monet's garden

From Monet's bedroom window

Notre Dame in Rouen with Napoleon on his horse

Notre Dame in Rouen

Notre Dame in Rouen Inside

Extraordinary detail above the main entrance

Building with shops and offices- hope you can see the detail

French pastry!

Where Joan of Arc was burned at the stake by the English

A very short sail brings us to Le Harve, a port city at the mouth of the Seine River a ways down river from Paris. Most of our group took the bus tour to Paris (3 hours each way). We choose to visit Monet's Garden, less than half as far. We were not disappointed. In spite of the weather, light rain, we found the garden beautiful and relaxing, but crowded. Our bus was one of 7 large tour buses in the parking area.I found it difficult to get pictures without people in them. We bought a silk scarf with the water lilly painting printed on it.

We ate lunch at an old mill; the menu was almost identical to the previous day's but not nearly as good.

After lunch, we went to Rouen to see the Norte Dame cathedral often painted by Monet. Nice little town. The difference in the two church towers built hundreds of years apart was striking. The newer tower had much better stone and craftsmanship. This church has been struck by lightning three times, damages by a hurricane and bombed several times during WW II.

For more interesting info on this cathedral search Wikipedia for "Notre Dame of Roeun"

You will find that life for a European Cathedral is difficult.

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