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street side fruit sales

One of the liberators of Zimbabwe

we run into a lion!

Honey comb bought in the bush!

Friendly bull elephant

our treehouse

Mupani worms

Up at six and have breakfast then head out. The lodge owner gave us a little tag that said we say Rhinos at his place… Oh well. A Rhino. Drove a bit to the nearby city and stopped in at a shop and pay. We bought a bunch of groceries and snacks and wine and a bit of rum and packed up the truck. There were a couple of men there one who wanted to sing with us and another who wanted to pray. Kitty knelt with him for a bit then we shooed them away and went for a walk through the town.

Lots of different architecture - French, English, Spanish, “modern.” Also a statue of the man who led the independence movement in Zimbabwe. We ended up in the middle of the street and were picked up there by Shadrick in the truck and headed off to the airport where we picked up Jan’s lost luggage! Nice airport with a stuffed leopard.

Then off for a long trek to Hwange Park. We stopped once to buy some watermelons and again for lunch. Lunch was OK and the water melon not that sweet, but it was fine. A bit later we bought some honey off the street in the comb - very nice. Then we stopped in at a grocery store to pick up some monarch caterpillars to have with dinner.

As we approached the park we came across a flock of six or so “ground vultures” - horn bills that were quite large and usually stayed on the ground like turkeys. A bit further on we came across an elephant who looked at us rather warily then, as we had stopped, made his way across the road in front of us.

Then on to the park. We got there and were welcomed and Kitty and I got a treehouse with mosquito netting and a view of a watering hole. We went to explore it but were stopped by the staff who said it was too dangerous as they had recently seen lions and buffalo. So back to the house.

We sat on the deck for a bit watching the sunset, then off to the truck for dinner - a guide intercepted us and made sure we got there OK. As dinner was cooking Benno told us there were elephants at the watering hole and sure enough there were six or seven that we could barely make out in the dark – but they were only about 50 feet away. Snorting a bit. We had to leave them to go have dinner.

Chicken al la king was the dish. Kitty and I worked on dishes but lots of other people pitched in as well. Then we sat around the campfire and chatted and ended up taking about elephants and overpopulation. Finally, I asked how elephants sleep and that was the clue for us all to head off to bed.

Back at the hut there was some small creature walking by the waterhole but we couldn’t make it out – probably an anteater. Tomorrow an all-day game drive!

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