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Carpe Diem at Tucson Freightliner Dealer

Picacho Peak is always a favorite of ours

Closeup of Picacho Peak

Blooming FishookBarrel Cactus at Freightliner Dealer

Flowering Purple Prickley Pear at Freightliner Dealer

We dined at Rico's in Tucson

And also entertained

Carpe Diem awaits road test

Sun, 30 Apr: Off on our summer travels...

At last we're back on the road. We always enjoy plunking down on our leased lot at the Escapees Cooperative (RoVer's Roost) in Casa Grande. It is very, very comfortable and it is easy to get complacent and want to settle down. But, our house has wheels under it and no matter how comfy a place is that streak of wanderlust that is a core part of us starts to itch. The only way to scratch that itch is to pack up the coach and start the engine.

Hence, we finished packing this morning, drove to the propane fill station where we took on just shy of twenty gallons gas. Yes, we were running on fumes. Then we connected our car, Carpe Dinkum, said our good byes, and rolled wheels at 0915.

We took I 8 east to I 10 east. East of Tucson we exited the Interstate and pulled into a Pilot/Flying J truck stop where we topped up our diesel tank. The Freightliner repair center is adjacent to the truck stop so we were there as soon as we were full. We found an available spot in their customer parking area, one with fifty ampere power.

As soon as we got set up we drove the car back to Tucson and met Bobbie & Lee for lunch at Costco. It was a great visit and we even got to play a few hands of cards. We so enjoy visiting with them. After they left we did our shopping as this will be our last Costco visit for a week or so. Then back to the coach to stuff our purchases into an already stuffed fridge.

We are here to have Freightliner check out the dashboard air conditioning unit. This is the a/c that runs with the engine and provides cooling while we're on the road. Our main (house) a/c unit, the one that runs when we're plugged into 120vac is running just fine. We have no idea how long we'll be here so right now it's all up in the air.

Today's run was 83 miles with an overall fuel economy of 8 mpg.

Wed, 03 May: Three days of in-and-out with the greatest part of it sitting idle, Carpe Diem's dash air conditioning is finally repaired. They took it in Monday, where it sat in the back most of the day until they finally reported that the electric and control systems checked out OK. There was no refrigerant in the system, so they needed our OK to troubleshoot for a coolant leak.

Tuesday was another up at 0530 and coach in line at 0700 day. They found a bad high pressure line between the compressor and condenser. Of course, no part in stock but they ordered it for overnite delivery. The coach came out early afternoon and we went back to the courtesy parking.

Which brings us to today. We didn't have to get up at 0530 or be in line. A bit after ten a tech knocked at our door and advised that the part was in. We got the coach packed up and pulled it into the entry lane where it was whisked away. We spent the better part of the afternoon watching it sit awaiting a road test. That didn't get completed till after four. Back to customer parking and off to the cashier to Ki-Ching the credit card for big bucks.

We'll overnite here and continue east in the morning.

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