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March 8th

Up early again after a very hot night – very difficult to sleep especially after the generator went off about 3:00 AM and the fan stopped. Kitty got up first and sprayed eucalyptus for bugs and I start coughing at the smell. Not too bad.

Breakfast of eggs with hotdogs again but also peanut butter so all was well. We finished and grabbed our drugs and headed down to the church for our third clinic.

The place was crowded already but we spread out the medications and got things ready, then off we went – with Felix again as our interpreter. Lots of folks and it all blurs together afterwards.

We took a break for lunch and just to relax a bit, then back to the clinic. One woman had very bad breast cancer and we planned to pay for her to have an operation. Our last patient was a boy of fifteen who had fallen and split open his knee and it had gone untreated for several days. The wound was dry and black with dirt and his kneecap was exposed. Kitty treated it and wrapped it and asked him to come back tomorrow to see if it could be stitched. All together the crew saw over 200 people today!

After we packed up all the meds and took them back to the house we decided to head down to see the mother who gave birth yesterday. About five of us trooped down to past where we landed to a small house with four small concrete walled rooms. The mom and baby were doing well – along with her three siblings – though the room was very small and hot. The father was outside laying a row of homemade concrete blocks to expand the house. Everyone was doing well.

On the way back we saw all sorts of critters – pigs on the shore, dried up lobsters (which washed ashore in the hurricane), goats and the ubiquitous chickens. We also passed a group of five men repairing their fishing nets – a very common activity here.

When we got back to the house most folks headed off then Kitty and I followed behind (on the wrong road as well). We ended up below the new hotel they’re building (and have been for over a year). It was a nice beach that we were at last year, but it was much changed due to the hurricane – but there were still the same (or similar) crab traps as last time. There were swarms of children who followed us and the rest of the group. On the way back one young man chatted about how he liked Chopin and would like to be a musician. Then we saw the guest house and said goodbye.

Back at the house we took bucket showers then headed off to a dinner of local fish, potatoes, rice and beans. Quite nice. Then a late night packing party to get all the drugs and supplies ready for the clinic tomorrow – quite the production. The interpreters were playing cards and dominoes, and when we finished packing most of the crew joined in.

The dominoes got more and more ambitious and eventually there were a couple of games and they were quite loud. At about 10:30 Leon came in and said time for bed. Quite an exhausting day!

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