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A long waterway, through narrow channels

Kotor anchorage

On the tender heading to shore

Wandering around using the Rick Steves guidebook

A gate with Tito's quote. "Don't take what is ours and we...


The clock tower

Narrow streets

St. Tryphon Church







A coffee break

The Maritime Museum

Many ship models


A crazy sign

St. Luke's church



Candles in St. Nicholas Church


Luna Rosa where we had lunch


The giant gull

The harbor. Another ship - The Queen Victoria

The Queen Victoria leaves



Now we can have the dock

The town from our ship



The high hills at sunset

Celebrating "White Night" on board our ship

We were appropriately dressed.

Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2016 Kotor Montenegro

We left Croatia and wound our way down the coast and then a long waterway, through narrow channels and anchored out at Kotor. There were two other cruise ships in port - one at the dock and the other anchored. We had no plans for tours here, and we just wandered around using the Rick Steves guidebook. We found three interesting churches. The first church is Saint Tryphon, Roman Catholic, where his relics reside. Another church in particular, Saint Nicholas, Orthodox, made us think of our friend Andrew. His son, Nicholas is challenged and we lit a candle for him. The other church is Saint Luke’s, both Ordodox and Roman Catholic. After a cappuccino we visited the Maritime Museum and learned about the role of this region in trade and warfare. The ship that was anchored in closer and also the one at the dock departed, and our ship then moved over to the dock. It was “White Night” onboard and we dressed appropriately.

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