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Lake Garda early morning walk

Parked outside campsite at Isolabona

View of Menton on way to Monaco


Part of the view from the apartment near Cannes



Cannes at night

Friday 23rd

Off towards Genoa, after a quiet lakeside walk with Blue. Took the toll road as the road ahead looks very winding. The signs are not good in Italy and even with the Sat nav we managed to somehow, halfway there, to go north instead of south, which cost us an hour and a few euros. We eventually reached the coast, turning west and reaching tonight's destination of a campsite east of Monaco.

It had been a long tiring drive, so when we reached the site and found we couldn't even get into it as the incline was too sudden/steep for the Lady, we decided to park on their outside area by the road, which wasn't too busy. Until night-time. Then it was like a racecourse, sleep not easy. Morning came eventually, Roy got the smartie out, luckily it was a large parking area, and we drove into Monaco.

Again a huge and dramatic change here over the years, the opulent hotels and boats moored offshore were wonderful to see and admire....

The best bit was, for Roy the drive around the circuit of the Monaco Grand Prix. I snapped away with his camera whilst we drove around a few times through the tunnels and around the twisting track. Roy raced the smartie, managing a lap in 25 mins 33 seconds. Excellent fun. Parking was out of the question, it was jam packed with top of the range expensive cars (I saw a gorgeous Rolls Royce in a fabulous blue with silver bonnet) and outside one hotel were parked more than a handful, must have been worth close to a million just there alone.

We returned to camp, had a quiet evening with the tv. Roy went to settle up as we wanted to get an early start. We were cross to find they charged us for parking the car as well as the Lady! Even tho it was only there for ten minutes before and after our trip to Monaco. Also that we were parked outside the camp site, next to the road, not in secure area, and electricity was included in the price, but we hadn't had any because it was only 3 amp and cut out every time we connected, and they wouldn't consider even a tiny reduction, So they won't get a good review, their attitude was dreadful.

Anyway, off to Cannes this morning, Sunday, on the toll road into France then to the outskirts of Cannes, an area called Mandelieu-la-Napoule. Friends there, Irene and Roger, had suggested this camp site and we found it easily, and a great site, clean, beautiful surroundings, lovely pool area, quiet. They picked us up and took us to their fabulous apartment overlooking a golf course and marina, views from their rooftop "sitooterie" were just stunning! Then out to a pretty village called Mougins, where we had a lovely light lunch and stroll around. Back for a rest and out in the evening to a bar/restaurant overlooking Cannes itself, the view was gorgeous there too.

A lovely, lovely day, thank you both for everything, Blue really enjoyed himself too, was spoilt rotten, loved the grassy bits on the sitooterie and lying on the cold marbled floor, but in the full sun, heaven for him, made himself completely at home. He was SO good today sitting in the shade wherever we were, lying quietly in the cafe/bars, not even a murmur at other canines.

A lovely weekend, and Monday morning we're off towards the Camargue area of France.

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