2016 Winter Trek travel blog

Today's route

Small accident along US 1 just before we left SC

US 221 in SC

US 80 in Georgia

Piles of gourds drying waiting to become bird houses

Caboose sitting along the side of the road in Georgia farm country

Winnie at the Brickyard Plantation Golf Course & RV Park

Ringo peeking at the outside world

Our route today was through the piedmont area of SC and Georgia with lots of gentle hills. Not much exciting along the way except a small accident (not us) along US 1 just before we left SC. It was a nice day though for a drive through Georgia with the sun out and temperatures in the 70's.

Yesterday, I thought we were starting to accumulate problems that are going to need to be prepared. The first was slow flowing hot water. We had this problem back in 2010 and found out the one-way valve in the hot water tank was a no-flow valve. We had to have it replaced. i think we have a similar problem except it may just be pledged with sediment. The valve is located on the back of the water heater where its tough to reach so I'm going to let somebody else repair it, assuming I can find somebody. The other problem was we didn't have any heat Saturday morning. We've had that problem before too. There's a sail switch in the heater that is moved by air flowing when the heater fan starts. If it doesn't work no propane makes it to the burner and you get no heat. Before I called the mobile RV mechanic, I decided to check the propane tank. It was empty. Somewhat surprising in that I had filled it the week before we left. I guess we've used more heat than I thought. At least that one less thing that needs to get fixed. I wanted to fill the propane tank before we left the Barnyard, but being Sunday the propane dealer wasn't open. We passed quite a few propane fill stations along the way, but they were all closed on Sunday. We finally found a gas station in Cochran, GA.

We arrived at the Brickyard Plantation Golf Course & RV Park outside of Americus, GA. This is our third stay at this park. We'll be here for several days. Plans are to rest for a couple of days and enjoy the warm weather, play at least one round of golf, and visit the remaining 2 places of the 7 Natural Wonders of Georgia, New Providence Canyon and Radium Springs. Stay tuned.

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