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Carpes at Thousand Trails Colorado River

The morning was gloomy, and foggy outside San Antonio

Navigating thru San Antonio takes some doing

A "stack" interchange in San Antonio

We decided to give Buc-ees a try

Buc-ees is huge! and very RV-friendly

Arriving at Thousand Trails Colorado River

We have evening visits from large animals

Sun, 14 Feb: Happy Valentine Day

We had a remarkably restful nite at the Kerrville Wal*Mart. Usually the 24-hour stores are fairly noisy, but this one wasn't. At least it got quiet once the alcohol and testosterone-laden children and their noisy cars are put to bed.

We were both awake before six so we got out of bed and made ready for the road. It was a cloudy and gloomy morning to the point that when we departed at half past seven we had the lights on. It didn't take us long to get back on I 10 heading east toward San Antonio. Outside San Antonio we ran into some foggy patches, but nothing bad or dangerous.

Sandi got to drive thru San Antonio. Of all the major cities through which we've driven, San Antonio is unique in that the main interstate (in this case, I 10), isn't very easy to navigate. We departed I 10 for I 35/I 410 around downtown and then re-connected with I 10 east of town. Add construction detours and it was a navigation challenge. We made it without any major problems so all is OK...

East of town we switched drivers and Bob took the helm for the balance of the trip. In Luling we pulled into a Buc-ees as it was highly recommended. It was our first visit, and it most certainly won't be our last. They have a huge parking lot with dedicated large vehicle fuel stations. We added 63 gallons of diesel to Carpe's tank at "only" $1.599/gallon. This is, most probably, the least we've paid for diesel since starting RVing in 2008.

Once fueled up we parked the coach in order to walk thru the store and gawk. The food selection and variety is extensive and very, very tempting. Fortunately it was very busy with long lines so we left without buying anything. To do so would most seriously damage our diets. Doesn't hurt to look tho, right?

From Luling it was a quick 72 miles to Columbus TX and the Thousand Trails Colorado River Preserve. The ranger met us at the gate and checked us in. Fifteen rigs had left this morning so we had no problem finding a mostly level 30-ampere site. Bob got the coach backed in and we're "home" till Saturday morning.

Columbus is roughly half way between Casa Grande AZ and Wachula FL, our ultimate destination. We thought spending six days "down" would be a nice break and we're most definitely look forward to sleeping in tomorrow (and the rest of the week). The weather is warming up and we hope to spend some of our "down time" sitting outside enjoying.

Today's drive was 201 miles with a headwind numbing 7.8 mpg.

Fri, 19 Feb: A relaxing week...

We've thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the Columbus TX Thousand Trails park. In fact, we think this is our favorite TT park thus far, lotsa space and not too crowded. That said, it is Friday and the weekenders are starting to roll in with their yippy dogs, squalling urchins, and smokey campfires.

We spent the bulk of our time here working on our books. Since our cruise leaves in three weeks and won't return till early May, we need to get our taxes in order so we an file an extension prior to departure. There is excellent internet bandwidth here so it was opportune to install TurboTax and get it current.

We've enjoyed the rustic setting here and have been rewarded with deer grazing right up to the coach. Yeah, we know deer are little more than huge rodents, but they are graceful to view.

We also picked up our mail, did some shopping at the nearby H.E.B., and dined at Los Cabos Mexican Restaurant, highly recommended but not up to New Mexico standards.

We'll head out tomorrow morning and hope to get thru Houston in one piece.

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