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Mt Wellington

Got a bit behind with this log and now I have to remember where we have been. We travelled from Strahan on the west coast of Tasmania across to Hobart, travelling through Queenstown. The distance is not so great but the road, while in good condition is very narrow, windy and steep, so deriving speed is quite slow, also it is so scenic that time is needed to take it all in. From Strahan to Queenstoen it is through thick wilderness and at the moment the wild flowers are in full bloom so the bush is full of colour. Many of the exposed mountains have very little foliage on them as they are constantly windswept. Queenstown is a tin mining town and the landscape is unique. It has to be seen to understand, photos do not tell the real story. It was raining when we left Queenstown and for quite a way we were travelling in cloud, glad we had the fog lights fixed before we left home. Still we drove through wilderness on narrow roads. After many Kls the land finally opened out into farming country through small old townships and ini Hobart.

We were really tired the next day and it was extremely windy so we stayed close to where we stayin.

The next day, although it was still windy we braved the weather and headed up to Mt Wellington 1.2 Klum above Hobart. Again another very windy narrow road. The top of Mt Wellington is completely devoid of any trees owing to the extreme weather experienced up there. There have been sheds constructed with glass fronts so that people can shelter while viewing out over Hobart. While we were up there the rain clouds almost seemed lower than we were. Very very cold.

We then drove through the Huon Valley to Huonville and then across to the coast and back up to Hobart.

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