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Leaving Trogir early in the morning to avoid the traffic snarls at the small bridge which connects the island to the mainland didn't work at all. By 8am the road along the river was already crammed with cars and motorcycles and none of the drivers appeared willing to let us in. My navigator is very strict about me driving on the correct side of the road and she will say 'Head for the gutter on my (right)side' as a memory jog. Well I made a rash decision and flew out of our driveway on the left side towards oncoming traffic to her horror and then turned sharply into a close by side street in a bid to get an advance further towards the bridge. Cars were parked on both sides of this little side street and we took precious minutes weaving through the tiny gaps between vehicles. We were quite aware of the warning from the rental car agency that every scratch had to be accounted for and you needed a police report or reference number otherwise on the return of the car, we would have to foot the bill. Well with MW leaning out of her window begging to the Croatian drivers t be kind, I eventually forced my way into the traffic line further up and then over the choked bridge. Tonka, the host of our BnB had recommended that we take the coast road for the scenery which was against the advice of Trip advisor contributors.

SO we headed off for Sibernik in the north armed with our trusty Google maps on my iPhone and it was such a great help just following the bouncy blue ball along the route. Our main objective was to spend most of the day in the Krka National Park but the beauty of the small towns below us on the western coast resulted in us turning off at a small historic town of Primosten which we found to be a beautiful seaside location with amazing sights to photograph and had breakfast in the Old Town looking over a range of shipping from Super yachts and tinnies. The photos from our table could easily be postcards.

Next stop was Krka National Park and I will upload these photos later when we stop for our next breath. There were very long queues of people even for a weekday (Friday) but it is summer school holidays here. Many many buses are available to take you to the sites and then a 2 hour bush walk around a number of spectacular waterfalls. We ended at the bottom of the trail in a very large picnic area adjoining the largest of the waterfalls where hundreds of people were swimming. We paddled as we hadn't packed our costumes that morning.

The drive back was on the A1 toll way allowing 130kph speeds which some drivers must regard as a minimum. I took the Mercedes up to 145kph at one stage to get around a slowcoach who was sitting on the speed limit but I was only sitting on 2000 rpm with a strong feeling that there was so much more under the bonnet.

So now we are home for an overnight only in Zadar. We took the opportunity to drive to the Centar (city centre) to see the top most rated tourist site called the Sea Organ (Morske Orgulje). It is worth 'googling' because it is a beautiful site with paving in which allows the sea to enter underneath and through holes made in the pavement and the changes in the air column act like an organ and give out varying sounds resonating like that instrument. There is also a colourful circle where at night continual changes provide a kaleidoscope for the visitors drawn to this wonderful site. On our way to the car we were amazed at the Roman ruins that adjoin the town square and indicate the presence of this civilisation from centuries ago. I hadn't research Zadar and there is so much to see that will have to await another time as we leave in the morning for Plitvice lakes.

Every day is another adventure.

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