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Carpe Diem at Pima County Fairground
We're boondocking here so the solar panels...

Interstate 19 heads south to Mexico
Trivia factoid... I 19 is the only...

We leave I 10 for the Pima County Fairgrounds

Signs direct us to the Escapade

Volunteer parkers greet us

A geometric cloud over the fairgrounds

Bob enjoys a stogy

Drone's-eye view of Carpe and fellow boondockers

Drone's-eye view of Carpe and fellow boondockers

Fri, 06 Mar: Escapade bound...

We sure didn't stay put very long this time. After only ten days or so we're back on the road, this time southeast to Tucson and the 55th Escapees Escapade. An Escapade is the annual gathering for the Escapees RV Club, and this is our third. We've enjoyed the first two and hope this one will also be a load of fun.

We left our RoVer's Roost site a few minutes after eight and drove the two miles to Interstate 8 and headed east. Ten miles after we got on I 8 ended at I 10 and we continued east toward Tucson. This is an easy drive and we've done it dozens of times. Bob was our pilot and he made good time, arriving at the Pima County Fairgrounds a few minutes before ten.

There was no queue when we arrived and within ten minutes the Escapade volunteer parkers had is sited in the first row of boondockers right across from the fairgrounds entry gate. Prime real estate... Today's run was a mere ninety miles with an overall fuel economy of 6.9 mpg.

We got Carpe set up for boondocking, which includes tilting our solar panels to the south to maximize their effectiveness. A bit after eleven we got in the car and drove to the Golden Corral where we met with fellow HAMs for lunch. No, we did not eat HAM for lunch, just broke bread with our fellow amateur radio enthusiasts.

On the way back to the fairgrounds we visited Costco where we stocked up on some items that the Chandler store was out of. Once back at the fairgrounds we walked around to get a feel for where things were located. As we were doing so we ran into many, many folks we'd met along life's highway.

Sun, 08 Mar: Great times, good friends...

Saturday was a very special day. Once we were mobile and had the coach cleaned up we went to the registration building where we got checked in and signed up for some volunteer "gigs". Again, it was difficult to walk more than a couple of steps without encountering folks we know. Too many to try and remember, so we'll eschew naming names so we don't offend anyone.

At eleven we met Bobbie and Lee Powell at the entry gate and they followed us to our coach. We visited for a while and then headed to Tucson for lunch. We ate at a Macayo's, a Mexican restaurant that had been highly recommended. While the food was good we did not share the rave reviews. Next time we'll return to Rigo's near old town.

Back to the coach we visited until the Powell's headed for home around four. We always enjoy visiting with Bobbie & Lee and this was no exception.

Sunday morning we made a quick run to the nearby Wal*Mart, and returned to the fairgrounds for opening ceremonies. It was interesting to see the meeing hall almost full and to hear Kay Peterson speak. Kay and her husband Joe founded Escapees and she is a "force of nature" at 88.

Thu, 12 Mar: A busy week...

Rallies are always busy times, and this was no exception. The days went by in a blur, so we'll summarize here. We attended several seminars, but not as many as in years past. We are getting used to this lifestyle after seven years and many of the seminars are "old hat".

Similarly, the vending area was interesting, but by now we've pretty much bought everything we need or want so we spent very little $$$s. On Wednesday we spent several hours driving golf cart limos (six passenger golf carts) around the grounds ferrying folks from their rigs to seminars, etc., etc. It was a blast...

Thursday was closing ceremonies and it was a very successful event. More than 850 rigs and a total of 1,900 folks attended the rally. Lots of money was raised for various charities, and door prizes were given out left and right (but not to the Swansons).

Tomorrow morning we'll head back to Casa Grande...

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