Gypsy Journal (14) 1/1/2015 - 12/31/2015 travel blog

After school art students painted mural

"AZ Sunset" - 9x12 watercolor painted 3/1/15 at Good Sam Rally in...

Chicken waterbox cover - 19x24 acrylic - RoVer's Roost, Casa Grande, AZ

Chicken waterbox cover - 19x24 acrylic - RoVer's Roost, Casa Grande, AZ

David, Dianne and the new rig

David, Dianne and the new rig

Sheep at RoVer's Roost

Sheep at RoVer's Roost

3/9 – 3/31

It was a big travel day for us when we left the festival. We drove 254 miles (many miles for us to travel in a day) back to RoVer’s Roost in Casa Grande (SR95, I10, SR85, I8). During the remainder of the month:

>Joan visited the dentist a couple of times to get one filling replaced.

>David and Dianne stopped for a night on their way back from purchasing their new motorhome. It is a beaut! It is a 30’ gas Winnebago class A. We enjoyed testing the dining room with a night of bridge.

>Joan taught only five classes this month, the teachers need to start taking more sick days. But she did stay busy painting. She is currently working on all the projects she will present during the cruise in September.

>Chuck and Karen Fishburne came over for a visit. We have not seen them in over eleven years. We are so glad they caught up with us again.

>Ken had to replace the shower drain. Oh, how he enjoys plumbing – right!

>Had a couple happy hours and a Mexican (bring your own) dinner with our neighbors George and Alva.

>A flock of sheep had been grazing in the desert by the campground. The flock comes with a shepherd and sheep dogs. It reminded us of ancient times, until we heard the shepherd talking on his cell phone and located his trailer. It was still neat watching them travel through the dessert.

>On Saint Patrick’s Day Carol and Richard Lamb came over for corn beef and cabbage.

>Went to town a number of times to eat at Nico’s, our favorite taco stand. There is no better in Casa Grande.

4/1 – 4/8

We finished our stay in Casa Grande spending most of our time getting ready for our trip to Cozumel, Mexico. We did find time to:

>work on our home’s headlight lenses. Both lenses were so cloudy we could not see the headlights. W purchased a kit from an aircraft supplier and it really worked. This is the second time we have tried this and the first time we were successful.

>Had a Mexican style Easter dinner at Domingo and Carmen’s place, great eating.

>Went to a farewell dinner with Domingo, Carmen, Danny, Pat, Bob and Sandy. We should see them all again for a short time next winter and we will see Bob and Sandy in June.

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