Here and There With Daisy 2015 travel blog

'Acorns to Oaks' Group of 4-year-olds

Cellist, J J Plasencio and Fine Arts Director, Mary Ellen Johnson

Diane McKnight, Soloist

Glenda Alexander with Door Prize

Door Prize

Today our church staff members treated the J.O.Y. fellowship group to a delicious Italian luncheon. At the beginning of the program the four-year-old “Acorns to Oaks” children sang four songs. They were really cute. Then Fine Arts Director, Mary Ellen Johnson and cellist J J Placencio provided the music to accompany soloist, Diane McKnight in singing a variety of Christmas songs. The funniest one was “The Twelve Days of Christmas” which we all participated in; each table had a different gift to sing about. The table who had the lords a’ leaping actually jumped up when it was their turn and the ones who did the calling birds stood up with their phones to their ears. My table had the nine ladies dancing but we didn’t dance! J J Placencio did the five golden rings in a funny falsetto voice.

After the music, our Community Pastor, Don Read, discussed the background to the Christmas story. He explained the political and cultural climate of Nazareth and surrounding region at that time. It was very helpful and interesting and made the narrative come alive.

Last, but not least, there was a drawing for the centerpieces. I won an arrangement.

Our weather today was very “unchristmasy” with temperatures in the 70s.

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